Monday, April 20, 2009

The Annoyance That Is the Drive-Thru

  • Make A Decision Already…
    People, Wendy’s has had the same menu w/ few additions for all of time! They even give you the nice mini-menu before you get to the drive-thru so you can see the deals, don’t take 20 minutes deciding if you want chicken or a burger.

  • Count your penny’s before they hatch….
    I love using my card, they swipe it and I move to the next window. But when I do have cash I will be thoughtful and count my change…..because I know it will take a while when I get to the window, I plan ahead.

  • Get your order and get on your way
    I know that you want to check your order, but come on and pull up so I can get mine and I won’t start cussing your ancestors for you being around. Stop wasting my time, I’m in a hurry….hence being in a DRIVE-THRU!

  • Have it YOUR way…..
    This is a genius little phrase by the scary Burger King, but I think it is something that should be used by all fast food restaurants. If I say hold the pickles, mayo, ketchup, bread whatever DO IT. I know that I am just being picky, but some people might have an allergy to something and can’t have it on their sandwich.

  • Salt Salt THERE’S the damn salt….
    I love salt as much as the other guy but when I bite into a yummy French fry I would love to enjoy the taste of the fry not the burning sensation of a salt overload. THANK YOU

  • Ice Ice Baby
    Keeping on the subject of order overage, I would like to discuss the usage of ICE. I love ice, but I would prefer not to have 3 sips of my drink and hit the bottom due to insane amounts of ice. THANK YOU

  • Don’t SQUISH my sandwich
    Mr. fast food worker I know that you are in a rush but your job is to put my sandwich together in some sort of a way that resembles the picture on the sign. I can’t stand when my burger is covered with condiments ON THE OUTSIDE or when it is so squished it may as well have been stepped on.

  • Keep your shoes ON kids…..
    I know that when your kids see the play ground at the Burger doodle they are more excited than a crack-head. They see the slides and tube things and they hate to stop and take their shoes off……and why shoes they. I don’t want my kids playing in a plastic play-land where other kids have done who knows what and my precious germ free angels and stepping all in it. New campaign idea….keep your shoes on and your sneezes covered!

  • You are causing NIGHTMARES...
    I know that from an advertising stand point one must make the company stand out, but I have to discuss when "standing-out" turns bad. Prime example in the fast food industry is the large headed Burger King. This dude gives me dreams involving him chasing people and beating them with a chicken fry. This is also the same restaurant that has the talking Whopper People. These unfortunate examples of advertising make me want to scream, and now I will never eat a Whopper again because I will think they have humans inside!

I am through venting for today!
Hugs & Kisses,
Sister Belle