Monday, April 12, 2010

A Farewell to Dixie

     With the Passing of Ms. Dixie Carter, or as y'all may know her "Julia Sugarbaker" from the show Designing Women, I am taken back to the episode when Dash Goff, a character played by Mississippi's own Gerald McRaney visited the women and dedicated his book to them. As they sit around Julia reads the dedication of the book.....a dedication to the women of Sugarbakers, and to all Southern Women......This inspired me many years ago to write a poem.

 Here is the Video...brings a happy tear to my eye:
Julia Sugarbaker Reading the Letter from Dash

Being Belled
Written October 21, 2002
We have time together and time alone
We have time to laugh and time to moan
We have our evening and our day
We have our moments when we like to play
We own the room whenever we enter
We own the hearts where we are the center
We are strong in mind and strong in soul
We are strong in will and always in control
We are those women men dream of at night
We are those women for which men love to fight
We are the subject of many a book
We are the catchers of many a look
We are the sisters and daughters
We are the mothers and lovers
We are the hope and the peace
We are the beauties that tame the beast
We bring laughter and we bring tears
We bring answers to all your fears
We want to love and be loved
We are as delicate as a dove
We are the southern belles living today
In a world where southern is slipping away
The Scarlets are gone slowly with the wind
Fading gently around the Mississippi's bend
Yet when one day in our arms you are held
You will know that you have been belled!

To our beloved firecracker Dixie Carter/Julia Sugarbaker
may you be surrounded by Sweet Tea and Magnolias in Heaven!

~Hugs N Kisses Sister Belle