Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm the Pide Piper of The Crazies

If ever there was someone who must wear "ode de insanity," it would be ME! If you hear voices, don't bathe, or want to tell everyone "hell is in the house" whilst waving a Bible....come sit by me.

My current tale....I discovered today that i am indeed allergic to the blessed Patchouli perfume. A dirty hippy artist man, w/ a lovely dread lock mullet thing working, came in while I was working at the front counter at the CL.

He proceeded to lean in to tell me how he was selling all of his worldly possessions to move to New York and pursue a dame who he had fallen in love with 30 years ago, who was recently divorced, and who he had 2 months to convince to fall madly in love with him BEFORE she moved to ALASKA……

He told me how he had lost his parents, siblings and even friends, but that the hardest was losing his beloved DOG. I agreed, and then to top things off he asked my opinion on how he should ship his beloved CAT to New York so she wouldn’t be distressed by the 2 day CAR RIDE. I told him ask the vet if he could give her Benedryl.

He had come in to pay for the ad that stated he was selling all of his worldly possessions and left. The next customer came in and immediately complained about the "dirty hippy who needed to wash his hair, SMELL" I apologized and simply said it was Patchouli!

When Tom who works up front came back about 45 minutes later....the smell was lingering although Mr. Hippy Artist was gone home to pack for the Big Apple....

What? Why me?

Now I am currently nursing an insane headache and swelling of eyes…..thank goodness I have a bottle of benedryl in my purse, for times like these.

Well I do hope that you all take to heart this lesson, and avoid dirty, Patchouli wearing, dread lock hippy artists from Northeast Jackson.....

Hugs & Kisses.....and a bottle of Fabreze later

Sister Belle


  1. I think you should have given him a benadryl out of your bottle for his cat...i'm just saying, it would have been nice :)

  2. That was much funnier the second time around. I wish the hippie luck and I hope he finds true love in the Big Apple. I think New York is Patchouli friendly.

  3. There really are some freaky folks around here, huh? haha!